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November 2017

Sexual harassment - what did Jesus teach?

Sexual harassment - what did Jesus teach? When a number of different women began to accuse movie maker Harvey Weinstein of sexually harassing them, it started a world-wide tsunami of similar allegations against prominent people. This article considers the historical background to sexual harassment and the way that “free love” seems to have seduced many people into thinking that sexual self-discipline is unnecessary. It also highlights how directly Jesus challenged men in particular to face up to their true character. [2017]

January 2017

Home Education Under Threat:
Revelation TV 16 Feb. 2010

This autumn there has been renewed interest in home education following the publication of a Private Member's Bill by Lord Solely. Originally broadcast in Feb. 2010 this video was a live discussion on Revelation TV about the threats to home education in the UK which were embedded in the Children, Schools and Families Bill 2010. It features myself and Arthur Roderick, of Christian Education Europe, being interviewed by Lesley Condor.

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Journey into New Life

A beginner’s guide to believing in Jesus Christ.

Good News Bytes

A collection of short articles originally written as leaflets to provoke their readers to think about the central message of Christianity.
Contains images of the printed leaflets which can be ordered for use elsewhere.

The Questions Christians are not Asking

Articles written In 2013 & 2015 which consider how should Christians understand the rising influence of secularism in Britain and other Western societies.

The Creator you know – what is He like?

A series of short articles to help Christians understand more about their God from what He has made.

Thoughts for these days

Occasional comments on current events from a Christian perspective.

Bible Studies, Articles and Papers

Covering a variety of topics relevant to Christians and some to non-Christians.

Audio Bible Teaching

Bible teaching by Randall Hardy on free to download MP3 files.

Christian Home Education

A small collection of papers produced by one family from their experience in this area.
Has links to other Christian Home Education sites.

Anstey's Romance of Bible Chronology

This classic work on Biblical Chronology is probably the best currently available on the subject.

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