Summary Handout
"Itís not always that easy"
Seminar for mums October 2003

Intro: (thinking accurately about God, ourselves and our task is vital)

Superwoman flying high/Superwoman in a heap.
What is the true reality of our position?
Rom 12:3 is vital for greater stability, less crises.
Cultivate Godís presence Ė "I will be with you" is better than any system.
Donít be wise in your own eyes Ė commit to the process of being transformed by the renewal of your mind.

Why is it not that easy? (Some factors common to us all/ principles of how things work)

A)    Your Christian world view is in complete contrast to the way the world around you operates. Youíre going against the flow, and now you feel the strength of the current. Youíre creating the space for your children to be free to think and respond to the Lord.
B)       H.E. and many other forms of original thinking are increasingly discriminated against in our society. Being aware of this will prepare you to cope with it better.
C)    You are always dealing with a conflict of realities. Your task is to keep in touch with Godís Reality, and not let yourself be driven by the realities of the world around you.
D)    Human nature is at work in you and in all your family members.
Your husband is a man and you are a woman, and the details of the Fall as set forth in Genesis 3 still have their effect today. We tend to forget this.

How is it not that easy? (Practicalities of the job)

Your job description as a wife and mother has no boundaries.
Seeing to each childís education in all aspects is very demanding, as well as having them around all the time.
Itís hard to keep the overall vision in mind and implement it at the same time. We tend to get bogged down in details and lose sight of the overall goals.
We may have gaps in our own knowledge/skills or not be able to locate help in a certain area we wish to pursue.

When is it not that easy? (Stages of life)

When other factors in our lives are at a difficult stage and take their toll on us, e.g.

What to do at such times? Donít give up altogether.
Donít continue as if nothing was happening.
Do hang on to your vision, make allowance for the trials in what you expect of everyone, and remember, He knows our frame Ö
When we feel submerged, hang on to the convictions, modify the practice, and remember Romans 5!

Donít expect the impossible of yourself or drive yourself. God is a God of mercy.

What your kids actually need is very simple, and you can give it to them, even in tough times - faithful, loving parents, a godly world view and the skills of learning.

We are called to be faithful and to do our best, not to be sophisticated, or perfect. What a relief!

Conclusion (In it for the long haul)

H.E. is not a one- off act of obedience, but a lifestyle we are called to.
Will you be what I want you to be?
Being is a powerful statement of who we are and what we believe.
H.E. is a marathon, not a sprint.
Though you may sow in tears, you will reap in joy.
God is faithful.

Mary Hardy
October 2003
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