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Denis Clark was a South African Evangelist who came to Britain in the 1950s, and worked for Youth for Christ before establishing his own independent evangelistic ministry based in Worthing, Sussex.  He had a reputation for direct Biblical teaching, which was based on his own Biblical meditation, which, together with an effective life of prayer, he saw as the key to achieving Christian maturity.  His no-nonsense style particularly appealed to young people for whom he wrote "If you ask me" and "You were asking". Most of his ministry was oral, rather then written: this collection includes most of his written output. He founded Intercessors for Britain, which became a major part of his ministry in his later years. He died in 1981, but his writings still come across with the same relevant freshness today.

As with many preachers from a Brethren background, Denis allegorised narratives from the Old Testament. Whilst this approach can provide helpfully memorable illustrations and insights, it also risks becoming specualtive. We therefore remind you that with all Bible teachers, that the reader/listener is responsible to test everything which is said for themselves. No Bible teacher should be listened too with an undiscerning ear. Test everything to see if it is what the Bible which teach clearly, and also if the proposed interpretation would have made sense to the people to whom the scriptures were originally written within their original cultural context. Prayerfully think over what you are told and let the Lord show what is good and what is better left aside.

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