International Events Directly Relevant to Israel

mid-December 2016 to mid-January 2017

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This is a catalogue of events which took place during the final five and a half weeks of President Barack Obama’s Administration. Some have involved the USA directly, and I suspect some took the President and the Secretary of State by surprise. To my surprise the British Government played a significant role in opposing efforts to undermine Israel during this period.

I compiled this catalogue to accompany my article “Could Israel withdraw from the United Nations?” which I published as Donald Trump took control of the White House. Those wanting comment on the events of this period and their long term relevance should read that article, where I refer to this document in the footnote. I do not claim that this list is exhaustive; I have listed those reports I managed to find despite the failure of the British popular media to cover these events. (The list has been compiled from a British perspective.)

Links, which should open in a new tab/window, are provided without further comment by myself. Dates in bold are those on which significant events took place. Unbolded dates show when reports and comments were published.

© Randall Hardy – January 2017

Monday 12 December – May’s speech

May’s speech to the Conservative Friends of Israel – full text | Conservative Home

Friday 23 December – Security Council Resolution 2334

Chanukah 2016: Theresa May's message - News stories - GOV.UK

Israel’s Settlements Have No Legal Validity, Constitute Flagrant Violation of International Law, Security Council Reaffirms | Meetings Coverage and Press Releases

United Nations News Centre - UN chief welcomes Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements as ‘significant step’

On-the-Record Press Call on the U.N. Security Council Resolution on Israeli Settlement Activity |

Today's Vote in the UN Security Council

Saturday 24 December

Israel rejects 'shameful' UN resolution amid criticism of Netanyahu | World news | The Guardian

Israel to stop funding UN institutions - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Sunday 25 December

Netanyahu: friends don't take friends to the Security Council |

Israeli PM summons US ambassador amid UN vote row - BBC News

Wednesday 28 December – John Kerry’s Speech

Remarks on Middle East Peace

Thursday 29 December

Theresa May's criticism of John Kerry Israel speech sparks blunt US reply | Politics | The Guardian

Friday 6 January

UN Security Council Res. 2334: A Victory of Jihadism

Saturday 14 January

What you need to know about the anti-Israel Paris Conference | Messiah's MandateWhat you need to know about the anti-Israel Paris Conference - Messiah's Mandate

Sunday 15 January – Paris Conference

Read full concluding statement of Paris peace conference - Israel News -

Do not abandon hope of two-state solution, world warns Israel and Trump | World news | The Guardian

Britain has 'reservations' about Paris Middle East peace talks | Reuters

Britain questions the purpose, and timing, of Paris summit - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post

UK snubs Paris conference, sends only junior diplomats - Global Agenda - News

Kerry to Benjamin Netanyahu: US won't support new UN resolution after Paris parley - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Monday 16 January – Britain vetoes EU vote

In rare move, Britain blocks EU council from adopting Paris peace summit statement - Israel News -

Britain Vetoes Europe - The New York Sun

Trump to Great Britain: “Veto any future anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution” | JerusalemOnline

Britain gets it right. Twice. What gives? |

Tuesday 17 January – Security Council Debate on “Middle East”

United Nations News Centre - At Security Council, senior UN envoy cautions against 'unilateral' action in Middle East

Wednesday 18 January – Obama’s final press conference

Obama fears moment 'may be passing' for two-state solution - BBC News