A Bible College Unit in Creation Science
Dr Clifford Denton

From my limited involvement with the Creationist movement, I have come to the view that there is a wide range of expertise available and a growing amount of educational material. I have yet to discover, however, an educational strategy that builds up, with appropriate materials and methodology for every age, a programme that takes in every group from Primary School level to University. If one does exist, I would like to use it. If it does not, then it is surely time to co-operate and draw together the best resources that are available and add to them where necessary.

It is not essential that one group works on all the levels of education from Primary School upwards, but it would be useful to have some co-operation, and it seems wise to develop at least one coherent strategy taking in all age groups. Among the needs for such a programme is a foundational unit for Bible Schools. I would like to go from our meetings this week-end with the beginnings of a co-operation that would bring this about. If A Bible College Unit can be drawn together in a framework of co-operation that also allows us to develop a more extensive curriculum for schools then I would be willing to consider being part of a more general group.

Personally, I am beyond the point of wanting to help others with their programmes alone. We have begun our own a Bible College initiative (Cambrian Bible College) which has two forms of qualifications. One is through Certificates and Diplomas. The other is at Degree Level. If we were to develop a unit of study that was first offered as a Certificate or Diploma then it could also be used later as a unit for the Degree, which has a modular framework.

One possible style would be to take existing resources from the Creationist field and write study guides and course modules around them. Where there is a short-fall, we would need to write the resource materials themselves. Out of our meetings this week-end I would like to identify the group who could identify appropriate materials and contribute to designing whatever new materials are needed. while having the College framework to offer a Course on biblical creationism, we need to follow an agreed and valid line on materials and content.

If in moving forward to establish a Bible College module, we gravitate towards other groups who are tackling other areas of educational curricula then there could be scope for a wider co-operation to begin this week-end too.

At the very least, I would like to identify an advisory/working group that would go forward and establish a Bible College module from this week-end. The alternative for our own College is to work within narrower limits of expertise and teach from resources that are our best guess, but which might have disturbing limitations. it is my view, for which I thank those who have enlightened me up to now, that a Bible College course which is not founded on the whole of the Book of Genesis is built on sand rather than Rock.

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