Communicating Creation through a Museum
Dr Joachim Scheven

A. The origin of the museum LEBENDIGE VORWELT

 I. A biology teacher becomes a Christian

  1. The Bible - God's Word. Genesis is to be taken literally
  2. Quick realisation that in biology evolution doesn't work
  3. What do we do with the "millions of years"? (Coal, fossil reefs, inhabited fossil surfaces, progression of the fossil record)

II. New ideas through Wilder-Smith and Whitcomb & Morris

  1. The Paluxy footprints
  2. "The Genesis Flood"
  3. The stimuli for own research and collecting

III. The application of Creationist insights in the classroom

  1. How pupils react when confronted with biological evidence of creation
  2. Example: The formation of coal. Introducing the floating forest concept when dealing with 'alternation of generations' among plants

B. The museum experiences gathered through the past 15 years

I. Purpose of the exhibition: To bring people to Christ

II. The admission must be free in order to reach the unsaved

III. The museum needs a geological background

  1. All visiting groups inquire about the age of the Earth
  2. The display of fossils and rocks must be in the order of the geological timetable
  3. There must be a clear correlation between the geological timetable and and the events in the Genesis record
  4. The interpretation of the fossil record in a Biblical frame
    a. Palaeozoic (no basic changes from Cambrian to the marine Carboniferous)
    b. The "age of the dinosaurs" was after the Flood. Megasuccessions
    c. The Flood of 370 days can be fixed from the Cambrian to the Carboniferous

IV. The use of evidences for the rapid formation or rocks and fossils

V. The usefulness of "living fossils"

VI. How to deal with the question on the origin of the human races

VII. How to deal with the alleged hominid ancestors

VIII. About the longevity of the ancient patriarchs

IX. About the dating of rocks and fossils

C. The creation museum - a success?

I. Impact on the "scientific community"

II. Response among Christians

III. About the finances

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