CD-ROM Micropaedia of Creation.
Peter Smith

CREATA -- the answer to ENCARTA!

A CD-ROM Creation Micropaedia would be a phenomenal resource with many applications. Production cost of CD's are low and falling, while P.C.'s are becoming rapidly more common.

1) Production...
would need a small but dedicated group to pull together existing resources under an ENCARTA-like interface. This would mean approaching everyone who has produced creation material for web-sites, or video, or tape, or in print, for permission to use at least some of their work. Full acknowledgement, and references to original sources, would be given on the CD, and ideally all material would be provided for use free of any copyright fees. This would keep production cost down to that of assembling the material, producing the interface, and duplication on to discs.

2) Uses...

3) Unit Costs...

These could be just a few pounds. Price to user from free gift to perhaps £10 or £20.

4) So far...

Martyn Barrow has made a little progress with copyright free material, but shortage of time has prevented him from doing more. If even a small group were to get together on this it could come to fruition within two years.

All the material is subject to copyright restrictions. You may make COMPLETE copies for yourself, but you may not alter the material, publish it in whole or in part or use it for any commercial purpose without our written permission.
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