Recruiting Activists
Peter Smith

Remember, and make clear to others:

1) The Truth of Creation is not secret information for a few -- it belongs to all of us.

2) The responsibility for proclaiming this Truth is not the responsibility of a few -- it is the responsibility of many, perhaps all, of those who know it.

3) The Task is enormous -- it cannot be left to a handful of people or groups. It needs about a thousand groups from the Orkneys to Penzance, from Harrogate to Battersea. We need a living witness to Creation and the Creator in every corner of the Nation.

4) We must therefore bend our efforts to the recruitment of more activists, and the formation of more local groups.

Some Practical Points

1) People must be made aware of how much local groups can do. In Leeds, we could fruitfully use our "Brookestand" several times a week; we have monthly City Centre meetings; we could import the successful Bradford Creation day. Shortage of manpower stops us doing even a quarter of this. We have not even started to work with schools, where the need is enormous, nor organised ad hoc church meetings as Bradford group do. Yet a year ago, few people had any idea that we might do anything other than meet once every three months for fellowship! So the first job is -- get across the ACTION message.

2) At meetings, do not merely inform -- collect names and address, talk to people to encourage them to action. Some part of each meeting might be devoted to potential activities rather than the science.

3) In Leeds, names and addresses of potential activists across the North of England, gathered from various meetings, are kept on a computer database. This enables the production of listings by postcode, so that people in the same locality can be put in touch with each other, or a meeting for them organised in their area. This system needs to be duplicated across the country.

4) Promote knowledge of resources provided by existing creation groups, national and local -- new groups do not need to re-invent the wheel, but to make use of what exists already. It is not only practical but enormously encouraging to have access to such a variety of groups and resources.

5) Get new recruits together at least once a month.

6) Plan activities as soon as possible so that people can see things are happening.

7) Invite people to be involved, and to do specific jobs. Pass work which you are wanting to do to others at every opportunity.

8) Watch out for "talkers". Some people have an interest in Creation Science, but for various reasons will only ever talk about it. Don't allow such people to absorb your time or energy - keep focused on your objective, and work with those who genuinely share it.

9) This is a hard road with very low returns for effort. Don't give up!

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