Speciation after the Flood
Dr Joachim Scheven

I. The fact of speciation is demonstrable

  1. Human races as descendants of Noah
  2. The mouthbrooders (cichlid fishes) of E Africa
  3. The rabbits on the island Porto Santo (N of Madeira)
  4. Ambivalent designs of case-building among caddisflies (Adicella, etc.)

II. Species flocks suggest a speciation in the past

  1. The birdwing butterflies of New Guinea
  2. The bittersweet cockles (Glycimeris) of the World
  3. The scallop family Chlamys of the World
  4. The tree flora of Australia: Eucalyptus, Grevilleas, Mimosas

III. Speciation occurred without "natural selection"

  1. Mimicry among swallowtails on the Philippine Islands- models without mimics, mimics without models
  2. Mimicry in the African "mocker swallowtail" - the ratio of the female forms does not correspond to the frequency of the models

IV. Aimless genetic drift or "programmed speciation"?

- The wide distribution of flightless insect species suggests a descent from mobile ancestors

  1. The mottled umber moth Erannis defoliaria
  2. The "land caddisfly" Enoicyla pusilla

V. Cases of "species explosion" in the post-Flood fossil record

  1. The "Paratethys" - a post-Flood water body
  2. Adaptive radiation of Dreissenidae in the Pannonian Lake (Paratethys)
  3. The astonishing variety of the brackish water cockle family Lymnocardiidae

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