Reaching Young People with Creation Truth
Geoff Chapman

Children are not born evolutionists! Young children, particularly, find it easy to believe in God as Creator. Yet we are continuing to see a high percentage of young people leaving the church as they reach their teens. A large part of the blame for this haemorrhage lies with the influence of evolution and its implications.

Christian parents must take the responsibility of making sure their own children know the truths of creation and fallacies of evolution. Even though we would like to see equal time given to creation and evolution in the classroom (and should do what we can to persuade the powers-that-be to do this), at the end of the day, our children are our responsibility! Sadly, many Christian parents don't understand the foundational importance of the creation issue. They leave their children at the mercy of evolutionary teaching, then wonder why many abandon their faith as they grow older. Although an increasing number of Christian parents are turning to home education or Christian schools, it is quite possible for children to come through the State education system without accepting evolution. However, parents must be ever alert and ready to give sound scientific and Biblical answers to questions which arise. There are many good books and some good videos available at a level children can understand. CRT's quarterly children's paper Our World is an inexpensive means of helping children to learn vital truths and facts.

CRT's Creation Discovery Days include a full programme of activities for children. This aspect of these events is the most important -- and most challenging -- part of the day, as we seek to present vital information to children, and at the same time allow them to have fun learning it!

Children from non-Christian homes have a serious disadvantage, and this is where churches with Sunday Schools and other children's activities should take the initiative in introducing children to the concept of creation. Many churches and fellowships buy bulk supplies of the Our World paper to distribute to children with whom they have contact. 'Creation evangelism' can be used with children as well as adults.

Teenagers are a 'different kettle of fish', and have probably taken in many evolutionary ideas. For those who have received -- and rejected -- creation teaching in earlier years, much patience and prayer is required. Churches should not shirk this subject when dealing with teenagers. Many of them have an 'anti-establishment' tendency, and this can be exploited to persuade them to question the 'received wisdom' of Darwinism. Many older students are willing to listen to the evidence for creation, and often ask serious and searching questions. CRT's thrice-yearly paper Original View is written especially for teenagers, and ideal for younger teenagers as a follow-on from Our World.

Until more Christians, especially leaders, understand the foundational importance of creation, we shall continue to see young people leaving the church when they reach their teens. How can we persuade youth organisations like Scripture Union and Youth for Christ that the creation-evolution issue is of vital importance in reaching young people? We must not heed those who accuse creationists of turning people away -- the opposite is true!

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