Please use the email address below to contact us if you want to know more about the Christian faith. If you want to obtain printed leaflets for distribution, please click here.

We live in England, so our knowledge is obviously most in depth with regard to churches and the Christian scene here and in other parts of the United Kingdom. We realise however that the Internet does not on the whole recognise international boundaries. Please keep this in mind should you wish to ask a question.

Regrettably, it is also our experience that many who oppose the Christian faith seem to think it acceptable to be at best ignorant in the way they use the Internet. If anyone contacts us with such an attitude, we will not feel obliged even to acknowledge their message.

For those with genuine questions, it would be very helpful if you could introduce yourself properly in your first email. The ideal place to find help is from Christians who live nearby you, but we realise that is not always possible. Should you write to us then, please include the following information which will help us to understand your situation from the outset - our time is limited:

We are sorry to be so formal, but we have found that if people do not introduce themselves properly in email, it is impossible to provide a considered response.

Please do not add this address to any distribution list. If we begin to receive circular or group emails from any address, we will block the address concerned on our mail server.

Finally, the email address to use to contact us is: