Please use the email address below to contact us if you want to obtain printed leaflets for distribution. If you want to ask questions about the Christian faith please click here.

About us

We live in England and the leaflets featured in this section are written with that culture in mind. These days however the internet has removed many cultural boundaries, so they may be useful wherever you live.

If you would like to obtain printed copies of any of these leaflets please contact us via the email address at the bottom of this page, but please read the rest of this page first.

We are willing to personalise the contact information on the leaflets for you, but wish to retain both links to sections of this website. In some leaflets the backgrounds can be changed to include images of your own area, which may make them more eye-catching to the recipients. Where this is possible a note is included alongside the sample pages.

Finalised artwork can be supplied as PDF files, but as different professional printers have different specifications for artwork to be submitted to them, the process can be quite complicated and we don't have the time to meet every variation. In recent years we have used an internet based, European printing company which provides both a reliable and a cost-effective service. We can arrange for leaflets to be printed by them and delivered direct to you (European addresses only), but as they require payment upon placement of an order, we will ask you to send us the necessary funds up front.

Artwork for those leaflets which can be printed on a home/office printer will be provided as a PDF file.

As indicated on the introductory page of this section, it is not our desire to sell these leaflets for profit, but we would ask you to consider making a donation to cover any time we spend in preparing your artwork.

About you

When making initial contact with us, please tell us something about your situation, your Christian background and the context in which you wish to use the leaflets. Whilst we seek to be open to all Christian believers, we do reserve the right to decline from providing artwork or printing for use in a context we do not have confidence in.

We are sorry to be so detailed, but given the limitations of email, we find it helpful to try and establish clear communication from the outset.

Please do not add the following email address to any distribution list. The email address to enquire about obtaining printed leaflets is: