Is Our God Asleep?

This section initially contained an essay written in April 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is called "Is Our God Asleep?"

The first two sections explore the growth and impact of increasing globalism, and the high level of panic generated by the rapid spread of the virus. In such a climate, government measures to contain it are accepted almost without question, as people seek for human means of deliverance.

The third and final section,The God who judges righteously, details five solemn points drawn from recent developments which highlight key truths for His people to take to heart as history unfolds.

These affirm that the God of the Bible has not been asleep during the current Covid-19 pandemic, but is very much at work.

I’ve also produced a short video trailer, summarising the key points. Hopefully this will encourage those reluctant to engage with the whole piece, to explore my reasoning further.

In the hope of making the material accessible to more people, I have also made the full essay available in video and audio formats as well as text.

More recent studies

I have now begun adding further material to this section. These are listed in date order and is available in text, video and audio formats.

June 2020 - Is Our God Not Sovereign?

In this study I consider the implications of exonerating The LORD from all responsibility for the pandemic, in particular what that reveals about our understanding of divine sovereignty.

Is Our God Asleep? - The Trailer

Is Our God Asleep? - The Trailer ~ audio

Is Our God Asleep? - The Trailer ~ video

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On 1st May, Prophecy Today published this summary of my article.
It is a written version of The Trailer.

A Calamity in Many Cities

Is Our God Asleep?

Is Our God Asleep? ~ web page

Is Our God Asleep? ~ printable pdf

Is Our God Asleep? ~ audio

Is Our God Asleep? ~ video

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List of references embedded in main essay
(excludes most Bible references)

Web page or printable PDF

I am also compiling a list of articles written in response to this pandemic which I have personally found helpful.

More articles by Randall Hardy are available here.

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