Cloverley Hall, nr. Whitchurch, Shropshire, 6-8 November 1998

Without Me ye can do nothing

Object of the Conference
The conference was convened to consider practical means of promoting Biblical Creationism in the Church and through the Church in society.

First Session Friday 8 pm.
Chairman Andy McIntosh.

  1. Open with prayer
  2. Welcome. Meet Dr Scheven: Keynote Tom Edmondson
  3. Recruiting activists: Peter Smith.
  4. Fostering creationism through small groups: Eric Curnow
  5. Close with prayer

Saturday: Early morning prayer: 7.55 am
In the meeting room. Rev. Ken Evans

2nd Session 9.30-11 am
Chairman: Andy McIntosh
General Topic: Education

  1. Open with prayer
  2. Getting the message into schools. Steve Layfield
  3. Bible College Credit in Creation Science Dr Clifford Denton
  4. Micropaedia Peter Smith.
  5. Activities for/Reaching young people Geoff Chapman
  6. Close with prayer
  7. Resources for Christian Schools and Home Educating Families Randall Hardy (written contribution)

3rd Session: 11.15-12.45
Chairman: Tom Edmondson
Guest Speaker: Dr Joachim Scheven
'Communicating Creation through a Museum'

Question time.

(At 2.30 Gerald Duffett will speak about the historicity of Genesis 2:21-22 and its support in genetics. All welcome.)

Discussion Groups 3.00-3.45
Opportunity to assemble with others on particular projects, e.g. Micropaedia, Bible College Credit in CSc, etc.

4th Session: 4.00-5.45
Chairman: Monty White
General subject: The public face of Biblical Creationism

  1. Open with prayer
  2. What is our message? Richard Johnston
  3. Public relations. Paul Fenner
  4. Apologetics Randall Hardy
  5. Creation vital to ministry and evangelism Andy McIntosh
  6. Close with prayer.

5th Session 7.30
Chairman: Richard Johnston
Guest Speaker: Dr Joachim Scheven
'Speciation after the Flood.'

Sunday: Early Morning Prayer 8.15
Meeting Room: Leader. Steve Layfield.

6th Session: Morning Worship 10.00-11.00
Led by Eric Curnow.

7th Session: 11.15-12.45
Chairman: Ken Evans
Subject: The spiritual dimension of our ministry

  1. Preaching Christ through Creation Richard Johnston
  2. Learning programmes for churches Peter Smith
  3. Prayer and spirituality Eric Curnow
  4. After discussion we close in prayer.

A conference report will be put together and circulated to all who attended the conference.

Keeping in touch
Please let either Tom Edmondson or Peter Smith know how you are getting on with projects discussed at Cloverley Hall. News that you are making headway will be a tonic for all of us and a stimulus. Keith will publish it in the Northern Creation News.

It remains to be seen whether there will be future conferences for the promotion of Biblical Creationism. However your comments and helpful suggestions would be invaluable to any future organiser. Please address them to:
Tom Edmondson
16 Bull Royd Crescent, Bradford, BD8 0AT.
Tel. 01274-545-558
Or send him an email

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2nd Creation Activists Conference 1998
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